David Penn is a Spanish DJ and producer known for his contributions to the house music genre. He was born in Zaragoza, Spain, and has been active in the music industry since the late 1990s.

David Penn gained recognition for his remixes and productions, often incorporating elements of soulful, vocal, and funky house into his tracks. He has collaborated with various artists and released music on prominent record labels, including Defected Records, Toolroom Records, and his own label, Urbana Recordings.

Over the years, David Penn has garnered a reputation as a skilled DJ, known for his dynamic and energetic sets. He has performed at renowned clubs and festivals around the world, including Pacha Ibiza, Ministry of Sound, Tomorrowland, and Defected Croatia.

David Penn’s notable releases include tracks such as „The Night Train,“ „Nobody,“ and „Con Son,“ among others. His music has received support from DJs and listeners alike, contributing to his success within the house music scene.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, David Penn continues to be an active and respected figure in the electronic music industry, known for his contributions to the house music genre as a DJ and producer.